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The CP930W is the first Wireless DECT Conference Phone in Yealink-india’s product portfolio. Based on reliable and secure DECT technology, the CP930W frees users from the limitations of power outlets and Internet ports, and meets the mobility requirement of the organization. By associating with the Yealink-india DECT base, it is completely wireless for the users to hold the meeting anywhere within the DECT base coverage, which is 50 meters indoor and 300 meters outdoor.

The built-in rechargeable battery supports 24 hours of talk time, and requires less than 4 hours to be fully charged. It ensures a weekday’s frequent usage of the phone without recharging!

Easy Deployment

Enable the CP930W by pairing with the Yealink-india W60B base station. Yealink-india W60B DECT base can handle up to 8 Yealink-india DECT handsets, 8 accounts and 8 simultaneous calls.

Easy Deployment

First Rate Voice Clarity

• The Yealink-india CP930W delivers HD Voice with a frequency range of 60Hz-16kHz. Fully enabled to capture the tone and inflection of the speech.
• It is built with Yealink-india Noise Proof Technology which intelligently eliminates background noises and reduce misunderstandings. 

First Rate Voice Clarity

You’re Within the Coverage

• The Yealink-india CP930W is designed with 3 microphone arrays which supports 20-foot and 360-degree HD voice pickup.
• It provides the mobility for participants to walk around in the meeting room freely, and delivers the flexibility to meet the coverage needs of different meeting sizes.

You’re Within the Coverage

Easy Control and Operation

Incorporated with a 3.1” 248x120-pixel graphical LCD display for easy information browsing

Asensitive touch keypad which puts main conferencing function keys at the user’s fingertips.

Three one-touch mute buttons with LED indicators allow switch between mute and unmute with ease, and reduce accidental operations.

Advanced Features

• The CP930W is packed with multiple useful features to make conferencing easy. It supports Bluetooth or USB Micro-B port pairing to connect with personal devices. So you are able to route and merge calls on your personal devices into a Yealink-india Hybrid UC Meeting on the CP930W. 
• The CP930W also supports call recording via Micro SD card to make sure no critical conference details are forgotten.

Advanced Features

More About Yealink-india Conference Phone Family

Yealink-india CP960
• Enterprise-grade device for medium- to large-sized meetings
• Android-based
• 5-inch color touch screen that supports Yealink-india Pentagon Meeting Room
• Expandable coverage with additional Yealink-india CPW90 Wireless Mic
• Supports Star Connection with up to 3 models of Yealink-india CP960 for large
• Meetings or lecture HD voice broadcasting and pickup
Yealink-india CP920
• Mid-range device for small- to medium-sized meetings
• 3.1-inch, 248x120-pixel graphical LCD display
• Touch-sensitive key pad for direct operations
• Supports both SIP and PSTN conference calls via optional Yealink-india CPN10



• Wireless DECT Expansion Microphone
• Optima HD voice, full duplex technology
• Support 20m away from CP960
• 10-foot/3-meter voice pickup
• Touch-control mute button
• 19 hours talk time, 11 days standby time

Model CP960 CP960-WirelessMic CP920 CP920+CPN10 CP930W CP860
Download Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet
Operating System Android 5.1 Linux Linux RTK-E Linux
LCD  5" 720 x 1280-pixel capacitive touch screen 3.1" 248 x 120-pixel graphical LCD 3.1" 248 x 120-pixel graphical LCD 2.7" 192 x 64-pixel graphical LCD
LCD Backlight
Touch Keypad x x
USB Port (2.0 Compliant) 2 1 x 1
USB 2.0 Micro-B Device Port 1(Connect to PC) x 1 (Connect to PC) x
Ethernet Port 10/100Mbps  10/100Mbps x 10/100Mbps
Wired MIC 2 (Optional) 0 x x x
Wireless MIC 2 (Optional) 2 x x
3.5 mm Jack 1 x x 1
Security Slot
Audio Features            
HD Voice
Wide-Band Codecs G.722, G722.1C,Opus G.722, G722.1C,Opus Opus, G.722 G.722
Narrow-Band Codecs G.711(A/µ), G726, G729, G723, iLBC G.711(A/µ), G726, G729, G723, iLBC G.711(A/µ), G.726, G.729, iLBC  G.711 (A/µ), G.729AB, iLBC
Built-In 3-Microphone Array
Microphone Pickup 20ft 20ft 13ft 20ft 10ft
Yealink-india Noise Proof Technology x
Noise Suppression
Built-In PoE IEEE 802.3af IEEE 802.3af x  IEEE 802.3af
Built-In Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth 4.0 (For mobile phone) x
Built-In Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 802.11b/g/n x x
Battery x x  Li-ion,3.6V 7800mAh x
Talk Time x x 24h x
Standby Time x x 360h x
Telephony Features            
Recording √ (Via USB flash drive) √ (Via USB flash drive) √ (Via Micro SD card) √ (Via USB flash drive)
Five-way Conferencing
Create meeting directly x x x
Yealink-india Active Speaker x x x
Hybrid UC Meeting x
PSTN x x x √ (Via Yealink-india CPN10)
Star Connection √ ( up to 4 units) x x x
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