Yealink-india Total Video Device Bundle Solutions for Zoom Rooms

Yealink-india is tailored for the enterprise one-stop video conferencing solutions

As the world's leading provider of UC terminal solutions, the global TOP2 SIP telephone provider, Yilian company to provide enterprises with one-stop video conferencing solutions, flexible to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises self-built and cloud solutions to help SMEs enjoy high quality , Easy to use, easy to expand the efficient video communication collaboration.

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Reliable | Superior audio and video | Easy deployment

A complete device package and native Zoom Rooms experience

• Yealink-india delivers a complete Zoom Rooms package contains all the hardware (computer, camera, audio devices and controller), software as well as license, simplifying the purchasing process and bringing convenience to the after-sales service experience.
• The Yealink-india CP960 Conference Phone and UVC series optical PTZ camera are certified by Zoom. The Yealink-india CP960 Conference Phone serves as the meeting controller and comes pre-loaded with the Zoom Rooms controller application and CP960-Zoom Edition firmware.
• Deeply integrated with Zoom Rooms, the Yealink-india mini-PC package functions as a computer pre-installed with Windows 10 OS and license, Zoom Rooms software and Yealink-india Plug-in for Zoom Rooms.


High-quality audio and video conferencing experience

• Yealink-india CP960 Conference Phone, featuring a built-in 3-microphone array with a broad voice pickup range, ensuring a long audio-capture distance at a radius of up to 6 meters.
• Yealink-india HD audio and Noise Proof technology remove background noise to ensure that everyone's voice is heard clearly
• Yealink-india UVC series optical PTZ camera provides a wide field of view. The adjustable PTZ feature enables vivid face-to-face meetings.



Easy to Use, Simple to Deploy

• The Yealink-india CP960 Conference Phone unites a microphone, speaker and meeting controller, greatly decluttering the conference area.
• Acting as the controller, the Yealink-india CP960 Conference Phone, with its 5-inch multi-touch screen offers multiple management tools. The touchscreen display allows users to join the meeting, add participants, mute audio and control the PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) of the camera. Meeting management is easier than ever.
• Yealink-india’s one-cable technology for the speakerphone audio and control eliminates the need for a traditional USB cable from the television to the conference table. A single cable for both speakerphone audio and control makes deployment much easier.


Manage your devices remotely as needed

• The CP960-UVC Zoom Rooms Kit can also be managed by Yealink-india device management platform or cloud service. Administrator can control all devices remotely on the platform.
• Yealink-india CP960 Conference Phone can be deployed automatically in the platform once the network is connected. The platform supports remote configuration, firmware upgrading, monitoring and diagnosis.
• The UVC camera, Yealink-india Plug-in for Zoom Rooms can also be automatically updated to the latest version through Windows Update.

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We recommend you to purchase the CP960-UVC bundle package and CP960-Zoom Edition.
If the CP960 you have is of standard firmware version rather than a Zoom Edition, please download and upgrade to the Zoom Edition firmware, as well as apply and import the license.

Products at A Glance 



Yealink-india CP960-UVC80 Zoom Rooms Kit
For medium-to-large rooms

Yealink-india CP960-UVC50 Zoom Rooms Kit
For small-to-medium rooms


Yealink-india UVC80 USB PTZ Camera
For medium-to-large rooms
Yealink-india UVC50 USB PTZ Camera
For small-to-medium rooms
Yealink-india CP960-Zoom Edition Conference Phone


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